Dust Reversals– dusting, vacuum cleaners, (war) machines and the disappearance of the interior.

In the seventh week of the Interior and Spatial Design Lecture Series, Teresa Stoppani presented a lecture on the idea of Dust as a medium. Stoppani is the senior lecturer at the School of Architecture and Construction of the University of Greenwich. In her talk, she looked at the relationship between architecture theory and the design process in the urban environment, examining its influence on architectural and spatial practices.

At first, Stoppani introduced dust in its literal sense as a particle in which you can touch but explains that in a metaphorical sense, it can has a relationship with the space in which it is found, and that is worth looking at. Dust is made up of particles of former matter, but Stoppani looks at it in more depth, describing it as having the ability to expose an “indisputable linear history,” by embedding itself on and around items to record the past. She studied the work of Walter Benjamin deconstructed the nature of dust. He reveals the power that dust has to ‘uncover’ and ‘unearth’. Dust uncovers “objects and spaces, reactivating them in new relations of tensions between fragments.”

UTS Design Architecture and Building, Dr Teresa Stoppani, Design Architecture and Building, viewed , <www.dab.uts.edu.au/walterbenjamin/program/teresa_stoppani.pdf>

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